07 Jun 2023 - 11 Jun 2023


PH ZH, IPN, CAU, University of Zürich, IBW, Uni Kassel

EBFL 2023

Foreign language learning (FLL) is a key factor for educational success and integration in a modern, globalized world. European countries have set ambitious educational standards for FLL in the last decades, and migration and globalization have given rise to increasingly heterogeneous and multilingual student populations in schools. In this challenging context, sophisticated empirical research on the effectiveness of FLL in educational contexts is paramount. Reflecting this complex agenda, the conference on «Evidence-based foreign language learning – Multilingualism in education (EBFL)» (Ascona, 07.-10. June 2023) aims to bring together empirical researchers on FLL from the fields of «Fachdidaktik», educational and cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics, and applied linguistics.


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