Online conference program


Time CET

8 November 2021


Welcome: Elena Makarova


Keynote 1: Adrian Blackledge & Angela Creese

Beyond Multilingualism - Translanguaging in Education

Introduction: Edina Krompák

10.00-10.30Coffee break in a virtual foyer
Translanguaging in language learning
Translanguaging & language policy
Translanguaging in transnational and transdisciplinary spaces

Lina Adinolfi & Caroline Tagg

Translanguaging practices across online modern language instructional spaces and task types

Kevin Simoes Loureiro & Sascha Neumann

Young children´s influence on language practices in day care centres? The case of plurilingual Luxembourg

Christian Hild

Translanguaging as a teaching and learning strategy for language-sensitive religious education

Vimbai Mbirimi-Hungwe

Translanguaging as an act of emancipation: Rethinking assessment tools in multilingual pedagogy in higher education

Soili Norro

Translanguaging in Namibian primary education

Karin van der Worp

Translanguaging in cross-border university collaborations: Enhancing linguistic diversity

Safia Serai

Translanguaging in higher education

Sarah Hopkyns

Translanguaging in Emirati higher education: Challenging monolingual ideologies for social justice

Sara Hillman

Translanguaging in transnational spaces: Language ideologies, policies, and practices at an American branch campus in Qatar
12.00-13.15Lunch break

Book launch by Multilingual Matters with Adrian Blackledge, Angela Creese and Leketi Makalela


Edina Krompák

Diglossic practices and regional linguistic identity. Translanguaging in teacher education in Switzerland

Flavia R. Bley

Home languages and translanguaging as a pedagogical resource in a pre-primary classroom in Luxembourg a longitudinal case study

Philipp Saner

Translanguaging in music: Trans-idiomatic improvisation in tertiary music education


Ursula Ritzau

Hybrid language use in a university foreign language course

Alex Knoll & Anna Becker

English yes, Polish no. On practices of translanguaging and the selective establishment of languages in German-English daycare centres in Switzerland

Vildan İnci Kavak & Yasemin Kırkgöz

Translanguaging practices from a conversation-analytic perspective: An examination of international food engineering courses
14.45-15.15Coffee break in a virtual foyer

Keynote 2: Leketi Makalela

From monolingual multilingualism to horizontal multilingualism: Lessons from ubuntu translanguaging for educational advancement

Introduction: Stephan Meyer


Ai Inoue

Translanguaging and phrase-based practices in English language education for Japanese college students

Nancy Wangui Mbaka

Translanguaging in a Kenyan primary school classroom



Catherine Blons-Pierre & Sonya Maechler-Dent

Translanguaging in education: the emerging challenge for a multilingual assessment-based primary school programme in the Canton of Zurich

Irène Zingg

Beyond marginalised multilingualism

Dobrochna Futro

Translanguaging art. Exploring translanguaging practice and pedagogy with primary school pupils in Scotland

Book launch by Multilingual Matters with Durk Gorter and Jasone Cenoz



Time CET

9 Novemer 2021


Keynote 3: Sari Pietikäinen

Cool Assemblages: Beyond multilingualism in the Arctic economic hotspots

Introduction: Crispin Thurlow
10.00-10.30Coffee break in virtual foyer
Translanguaging practices in schools
Translanguaging & language policy
Translanguaging strategy / TL in subject matter teaching & learning

Sarah Dietrich Grappin

A gateway to plurilingual competence: Translanguaging in the L3 foreign language classroom

Shubham Karmakar

Students' attitudes to language policy and practices in Indian higher education

Audrey Freytag Lauer & Gabriela Steffen

Translanguaging in Swiss bilingual education: Plurilingual resources for subject knowledge teaching/learning

Holli Schauber & Slavka Pogranova

Translanguaging as a pedagogical resource in primary and higher education

Michał B. Paradowski

Limits to translanguaging and trans-semiotising in heteroglossic school environments

Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty, Maryna Reyneke, Kotie Kaiser & Dolly Dlavane

Translanguaging in Higher Education

Anila Panezai & Liaquat A. Channa

Translanguaging in English medium classes: Exploring teachers' practices and perspectives in universities in Pakistan
Translanguaging in transnational and transdisciplinary spaces

Chiara Facciani

Translanguaging through the body: communication in multilingual contexts

Alaitz Santos & Jasone Cenoz

Implementing pedagogical translanguaging in trilingual schools
12.00-13.15Lunch break

Rosamaria Felip Falcó, Natalia Evnitskaya, Marilisa Birello & Cristina Escobar

AVANCEM teacher education programme: Translanguaging at the core of a plurilingual approach to language education in secondary schools in Catalonia
Translanguaging, identity & attitudes

Laura Karabassova

Translanguaging in L2 and L3 content classes: a study on teachers' perceptions in Kazakhstan 

Rachel Bowden

A teacher's construction of mathematics lessons in rural Rwanda

Dominique Caglia

'Discurrì' 'Discu-was?'

Challenges and chances of translanguaging in Romansh-German primary school classes

Kristina Ehrsam & Sybille Heinzmann

The study abroad setting as a translanguaging learning site

Aysel Kart

Translanguaging as a path to educational success?

Lukas Bleichenbacher, Mara De Zanet, Robert Hilbe, Wilfrid Kuster & Mathias Picenoni

Insights on translanguaging practices in an intensively plurilingual teacher education curriculum

Elizabeth Erling

The role and potential of translanguaging in English language teaching in Austrian middle schools

Translanguaging in written context

Mirjam Egli Cuenat

Translanguaging in English and French texts written by Swiss German lower secondary school students

14.45-15.15Coffee break in a virtual foyer

Keynote 4: Claudine Kirsch

Opening minds to a translanguaging pedagogy: perspectives from nursery and primary teachers in Luxemburg

Introduction: Stefan Keller

Melanie van den Hoven

Beyond Arabic-English biliteracy and English-medium policies: modelling dynamic linguistic repertoires in the Gulf
Translanguaging practices in schools

Fotini Anastassiou

Translanguaging and biliteracy: towards new steps in bilingual education

Verbra Pfeiffer

Translanguaging as a pedagogical resource in multilingual classrooms

Heini Lehtonen, Dragana Cvetanovic, Åsa Mickwitz & Auli Toom

Students' and teachers' translanguaging practices in bilingual bachelor degrees

Erguvan Uras Eren & Kenan Dikilitaş

Students' attitudes towards translanguaging

Nomalungelo Ngubane & Berrington Ntombela

Translanguaging pedagogy in selected South Africa English first additional language FET writing classrooms


Closing remarks: Angela Creese & Adrian Blackledge

 End of the conference