23 Jul 2022 - 28 Jul 2022

Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences

International Academy for Intercultural Research 2021

Fostering Intercultural Hearts and Minds Applying Intercultural Research for a Sustainable Future

After being caught in the chokehold of the Covid19-pandemic for almost two years, what have we learned from this global crisis for the future of our togetherness on this planet? Has the pandemic led to more cooperation between cultural groups, or has it enlarged already existing conflicts? Obviously, in this decade we will have to deal with other burning issues such as global warming, migration, the rise of ”Nationalists” and "Anti-Globalists," distrust in academia, poisoning of communication by conspiracy theories, and the consequent polarization of societies, steered by tribalistic attitudes and actions—among others.

How does our intercultural research address these issues? How can we apply our intercultural expertise effectively in different professional fields to have an impact on individuals and societies? How does intercultural research help to develop an intercultural and ethical mindset in our various target groups for dealing with the challenges of the present VUCA-world (VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous)? Moreover, how can intercultural research contribute to the four pillars of sustainability (Environment, Economy, Social Equality, and Culture)?

The mission of IAIR is to encourage the highest quality empirical research and practice aimed at intercultural understanding. Each IAIR conference aims to attract research-oriented scientists and practitioners from a variety of intercultural disciplines to present their work, exchange and discuss ideas, and contribute to intercultural understanding and cooperation. We especially invite you to propose research-based remedies for dealing with the conditions and prominent challenges of these "post-globalized" times.

Green Conferencing
International conferences typically have a disastrous ecological footprint that contradicts our intention to work for a sustainable future. Therefore, the 2022 conference will be organized as a ‘green conference’: strictly paperless and with opportunities to participate virtually for those scholars who want to avoid high ecological or monetary costs, or for those who need to avoid travelling to Switzerland because of age or health issues.

Call for Submissions: We welcome original studies that address the theme: applied research that fosters intercultural hearts and minds in a ‘post-globalized’ age, especially related to:
1. Acculturation (theories and practices of migration, adaptation, inclusion, integration)
2. Advances in Intercultural Research Methodologies
3. Applied Intercultural Research (to business, engineering, healthcare, law enforcement, military, arts, schools, etc.)
4. Applied Policy (to social-political issues, urban planning, development, sustainability)
5. Cultural Contexts and dynamics (understanding differences/commonalities, values)
6. Cultural Identity (ethnicity, developing, bi-, multi-, and trans-cultural identities),
7. Culture Learning (intercultural learning, training, education, multiculturalism)
8. Immigration and Refugees (issues, services, resettlement, policy, inclusion)
9. Intercultural Competencies (sensitivity, domains, testing ICC in contexts)
10. Intercultural Conflict (stereotypes, anti-racism/prejudice, aggressions, social justice)
11. Intercultural Interactions (interpersonal, social acceptance and belonging, cooperation, diversity, media, mass communication)
12. Intercultural interventions (multicultural counseling, coaching, therapy, mediation/facilitation, conflict resolution)
13. Intercultural Management (multicultural teams, organizations, leadership, work values,
diversity/inclusions, negotiation)
14. Language and Cultures (language acquisition/teaching, ethnographies of speech
communities, translation, IC linguistics, literature)
15. Psychology of Culture (indigenous, cross-cultural, intercultural approaches)

A key focus of this conference is applying intercultural research for a sustainable future, so we appreciate abstracts that show how your research contributes to current real-world-challenges.

Informing the Public
Our expertise is deemed highly relevant for the most urgent challenges in our interconnected world. Therefore, this conference will focus not only on sharing the results of current intercultural research among the scientific community but also on discussing the scope of intercultural research among the scientific community but also on discussing the scope of application for other professions, and on making an intentional impact on the broader public.

Call for Papers - Types, Dates, Selection: Submissions are welcomed in the form of symposia, panels, independent papers, and poster presentations. Dates to be noted are:

September 15, 2021: Early submission of group symposia/panel/workshop abstracts (priority will be given to well-developed panel/research report sets [usually 4 papers] or workshop plans that fit 90-minute time blocks, organized around a relevant theme) (notification by October 15)

November 15, 2021: Submission of further symposium, individual paper, or poster abstracts (notification by December 15).
Please upload submissions to the conference portal (which opens officially August 1, 2021):

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